Most importantly, it deals with membership directories, newsletters, events, member renewals, and so on. The volunteers and staff of small membership organizations can use this software rather than trying to manage membership tasks with limited resources and budget. So, here we have listed some of the best membership management software.

memberCentrum launches fitness software and also it provides fitness club management software, by using which you can manage recurring billing and customer subscriptions. With it, you can collect payments either on a recurring or one-time basis with it. This software is compatible with 25+ major global currencies like USD, Euros, INR, Rubles and many more. Further, you get features like email notification, dunning management, coupon management and more. With its superior features, we can hold control of all our customer subscriptions effectively. You get descriptive and in-depth sales analytics for your business on the dashboard. As a result, you can examine the critical sales parameters such as ARPU, LTV, Churn rate and more with it.

Moreover, your customers get a client portal using which they can monitor and manage their membership and subscriptions. Additionally, you empower your users with an ability to update their payment cards in the client portal.

memberCentrum provides fitness club management software is the only software in the market which comes with Affiliate Management Module. Consequently, you can manage your affiliates, set commission rule, handle payouts and more. The first-rate membership management software that will help you to attract, engage and retain the memberships of organizations over 20,848 by joining them. It not only offers you easy-to-learn system but also unlimited expert support that is friendly and quick. As it is the all-in-one membership management tool, it allows you to simplify and automate membership tasks for yourself, your volunteers, members, and board. Its features are nothing but include membership management, website builder, event registration, online payments, online store, mobile apps for iOS & Android, and more. Continue reading for feature explanations below.

You can form a mobile-friendly member application form on the internet with features of workflow and payments, manage your member & contact records securely, automate renewals, activate member self-service to update information, and enable membership directories. Using this software, you can also create calendars & event listings online, automate promotion & reminder emails, take event registrations & payments on the web, generate attendee lists & other reports and more. Apart from the above features, this tool lets you add an online store to your website with ease where you can sell services and products. It can handle all orders, invoices, email notifications, and payments automatically. Above all, the online payment feature of this software offers you a number of secure industry-leading payment systems, set-up tax rules, generate customizable financial reports, export data to QuickBooks or Excel, and much more. First of all, it is an online platform created specifically for member-based organizations and associations to assist automate everyday data-driven tasks, increase memberships, and strengthen member engagement.

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