An integrated set of web tools consist membership software with the event and website management which is more easier as it is used by the number of associations, clubs, online communities, membership website, non-profit organizations and other groups. Sometimes it saves us at least 15-30 hours of work every time to organize an event for the benefit of the individuals, As it is a quick and easy format to send the email blasts, track payments, and to keep in touch with former members who may have drifted away.”

Ten benefits our all-in-one membership management software

As a single and uniform communication

The website is fully collapsed with the member database, event calendar, and online fundraising functionality. There should be no copied article that should be mentioned as they show export-importing between different systems a member also applies online and could pay with a credit card. The system sends a confirmation email, the administrator should be informed and activates the member that can access a private website section, Fully automation and seamlessly integrated.

Developing and growth of the community

Create and customize things on a professional-looking website in one hour. Engage the supporters and members with the blog and discussion forum, let them create online profiles and be listed in an online directory.

Money saver

Instead of maintaining separate membership management systems, website hosting, webpage editing software, event calendar, and registration, the online and secure raising of the funds and payments, emailing tool and discussion forums, that can use by several tasks. Avoid setup fees Save on training – our system is designed for use by inexperienced prefects.

Automation of the administrative tasks

Every organization will replace and automate time-consuming processes in the organization: any new member application processes, dues payments, and membership renewal event registrations, online donations.

Increment of the attendance of every event

Automation of the e-mail notices and reminders as well as RSS enacts people eventually not to miss the event. People could easily register and pay online – no manual work is required on the part and members don’t have to re-type their personal details.

Involvement of the experts in a simple way to make the work easier

They log in with secure personal logins and access the functions as enabled for them to enhance the experience of the work. As long as they are comfortable using software like Microsoft Word, the most eager supporters can appropriate tools and help you out with no need for advanced tech skills or expensive training.

Providing the best service to all the members

Let the members apply for membership and pay dues online, update their contact information, participate in the blog and discussion forums and register for events online.

Save and update the new member’s data all the time

They provide an instant overview of the most recent and critical data about the organization. The member list shows a glimpse of the membership by each and every level and recently joined members. Reports show up-to-date revenues from new membership, renewals, event registrations, and donations.

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