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Club Management Software

Productivity and efficiency are the game changers in bringing success for your club. You need the best system to automate processes, streamline tasks, and provide quality services for the team members, clients, fans, and partners. Now boost up the customer service and manage the business to get the expected levels in productivity and efficiency with advanced memberCentrum’s club management software.


The need for memberCentrum’s software for club management

Clubs are advanced and use ERP solutions to manage all of the activities. But, most of the clubs use different ERP solutions for order management, room booking, restaurant management, fitness & gym management, and other facilities and packages. These multiple ERPs spread data of the same club across multiple platforms that do not talk to each other. This creates duplication of data and doesn’t allow a smooth flow of data from one department to another. Our club software system rich with integration features solves these challenging tasks.


Integrated software

When your club grows, you have a lot of activities and data to manage. The process becomes easy only with an integrated software developed with future-oriented features. We are well aware of the expectations and requirements of the clubs and provide fully integrated club software compatible with Web, Android, and iOS interface. The software allows your team to manage, track, and report all the activities and operations easily within the club facility.

Better management

Highly customizable features of the software help the club owners to customize the online structure and overall operations of the club as per the unique requirements. It is easy for the clubs to define their organizational structure, bank detail, employee data, membership information, and parameters specific to the rules and regulations. We have developed the best club management software India to take efficiency and productivity to the next level by automating most of the processes.

Benefits for clubs

Our software comes with a bunch of benefits, including the above-mentioned ones. It takes good time and space to write in detail about all of the benefits. So, a single line says all about the benefits of memberCentrum’s software, ‘the software helps you manage the club at just one click’.

Yes, the software covers all of the activities of the club including Authentication Management, Inventory Control, Membership Management, Facility Management, Online Room Booking, Billing, Party Hall Booking, Restaurant/Bar Management, Reports, Payment Gateway Integration, Smart Card Management, Accounts Management, Bulk Email, Bulk SMS, Member Access, and Payroll Management.

Technical efficiency

We have developed our software with high-end technical features to assure maximum safety, security, privacy, and freedom for the members. For example, attendance management is integrated with a biometric handprint reader for employee authentication. The software also supports multiple authentication types, including smart cards, fingerprint readers, etc. for various activities.

The present world is an ‘instant world.’ Your club members, clients, and partner need instant solutions and services from you. Make it a breeze and sustain in this competitive world with our club membership management software.

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