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Membership Management Software

A membership management system increases the operational efficiency of CRM by maintaining inter-relationships and correspondence. This is so important and responsible for building and strengthening member relationships within the organizations. Now, membership management is made easy, simple, and perfect with memberCentrum membership management software.


Understand the needs

As your organization grows, the requirement for membership management too grows to make it difficult for the existing management solution to handle the task. In such a scene, congratulate yourself for making another successful year. At the same time, understand the need for the next best membership software from us designed to meet the future growth needs of the organization.

Essential features

You should look for some essential features when you buy new software for membership management. Our software development team has made a deep study of the requirement of the organization to provide it with future-oriented features. The important features include Robust membership profiles, Automatic member renewals, Events management, Payment processing, Analytics and reporting, Online self-service member portals, and Full database customization. We are well aware of the fact that different organizations have different needs, and all of these features are developed with highly customizable features.

The flexibility of the software

The flexibility of the software is so important. Our software is built on a flexible platform to make the organization grow with the changing technologies and emerging requirements. Your team gets access to excellent support and training with a marketplace for coding-free customization, supplementary apps and plugins, and drag-and-drop features. This helps your team to take advantage of the organizational needs without spending more on a custom build application.

Automates the process

We have developed the best membership management system to automate most of the processes in the organization, including membership attendance, membership level, and timely membership renewals. The software sends timely, recurring, and personalized automated renewal reminders. This helps the members to pay the dues before the expiry of the membership and to renew the same to enjoy uninterrupted services.

Warm welcome with welcome messages

A welcome message is just like a pleasant smile. It makes the member happy to continue with your services. Our software sends an automatic welcome message for the customers to give them a warm welcome to your world.

Renewal notice

It is important to increase the membership retention rate for every organization to success in the competitive world. You should not ignore any of the lapsed members. Our software sends an automated email renewal notice or an expiration letter with the benefits of the program for the lapsed members. The end result is more likely to make them pay the renewal fee to stay as your member.

Payment processing

There is no need that the most popular software makes the best for your organization. Our membership management software India tracks and manages membership purchase, member dues, registration, refunds, deferred invoices, prices for online purchase, and more.

memberCentrum membership management software manages all the tasks from a common platform. Integrate it with the cloud to access the software at anytime from anywhere.

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