There are always a bunch of processes that cost considerable time to perform. Think about the creation and management of schedules, membership renewals, the processing of invoices, and other activities. Luckily, with the help of modern technology, a lot of these processes can be automated, saving valuable time for your staff. memberCentrum launches the gym membership management software which operate in fewer hours spent on performing menial tasks means more time that can be spent on growing your business and increasing your bottom line. There are some ways how mechanization can prove to be indispensable to the success of the gym.


One of the activities that cost a considerable amount of time for gym staff is managing the scheduling and booking. But this process can easily be automated using a proper scheduling software tool. Proper gym membership software with a scheduling tool will give you the option to easily create schedules that practically work automatically, allowing your clients to book their own classes, either online or in an app. The volume of time spent on arrangement and booking can be reduced through using online scheduling apparatus and smartphone gym apps. Let patrons book their own classes via a gymnasium app.

Credit Session Deduction

With a cohesive credit system, members of your gym can pay in advance for term credits, which will be automatically abstracted if and when they book a class. If your scheduling tool is integrated with gym management software for memberships, these session credits can easily be added to various types of memberships, which you can assign with maximum flexibility in terms of credit validity, costs, hours, and so on.


This is where automated email notifications come into play, allowing you to notify your clients – and staff – whenever something happens they need to know of. Of course, a compact gym management software tool will allow you to adapt these notifications to reflect your brand and tone of voice.

Membership Management

In many ways, mechanization can save you time when it comes to membership management. In a solid gym management software tool that provides membership management tools, you cannot just add members and assign memberships to them. In the past, gyms would keep papers, papers and more papers with the details of members and their payments. Now, this is not necessary anymore.


Gym management software can be used for automation of invoicing processes as well. Those memberships and credits we talked about the need to be bought and paid for, after all. You can save your staff a lot of time, by adding a touch of automation to invoicing. By having your membership management linked to an automated invoicing tool, membership renewal becomes trivial. Invoices will be automatically generated when they need to and can be automatically sent to the relevant members via email. Of course, make sure your clients have the self-determination to pay those invoices in a variety of behaviors for a good client practice – think of direct debit, cash, credit card, online payments, and so on.

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