Membercentrum is Just the right cloud enabled gym management software in india to manage your Gym,fitness,Sports center, Aerobics & Dance classes, Yoga and Activity center, grow your membership base, and run your business from anywhere. All-in-one place to manage memberships, book your session, get payments, GST & Non-GST billing software. Get Daily report in the form of SMS. Memberships, Payments Reminders, Members & Staff Attendance, Bulk SMS, Visitors Management. Bio-Metric Integration and many more

Many gyms and fitness centres across india have adopted digital approach in running their fitness studio using gym management software. This has helped them greatly increase their revenue over a period of time. When a gym business owner using gym management software he will evaluate many things to finalise the tool to run the business. As there is intense competition going on in the market, gym owners need to maintain the existing revenue collection at the same time they need to concentrate on increasing the revenue to be relevant in the business. To do all this they many need to look at different dimensions. Owners especially interested to measure various metrics to see if everything is going as per their plan. There are many reports developed in gym management software to help business owners to compare actual and forecasted revenues. Software comes with many innovative ways to increase the membership and revenue growth ideas. Finally using this software gym owner can achieve their revenue goal.



gym membership management software

It is very important for any business to generate the revenue for its healthy growth and increase the business. It is very difficult to analyse the growth and loss areas without a proper analytical tools. There are many analytical reports provided with in gym management software to analyse the performance. This will certainly help gym owners. Reports give the growth analytics, all the people involved in the business can sit together and plan the strategies and identify the growth areas. Business owners will know which part of the business is brining more revenue where to spend money for extra growth.




gym membership management software

It is very important to keep members happy and motivate them to run the gym business successfully. Gym management software has various modules to keep members happy. Any one who joins the gym will have certain goals in their mind. Either they want to keep their fitness level or it may be because they want to reduce the weight or may be doctor recommended by examining the members. Initially they will take membership and continue to attend fitness classes for some days. However they need motivation to continue the membership or attend the regular gym classes. Motivation can be introduced in the way of some games and throwing some challenges to members.gamification is provided with in gym management software to keep members happy and retain the existing members.




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which is better in terms of income growth? is it a better idea to give more importance to retain the existing members or to acquire a new members. It is always better to look at ROI. when you try to acquire a new member, you need to do lot of marketing activity and the waiting period will be more and the conversion rate will be less. However when you retain the existing member ,you don’t spend much on continuing the existing member. This way owners can divide the ration into 70-30.70% retaining the existing members and 30% acquiring new members, in this way owners can achieve a growth rate of 30% which is much above the fitness industry growth. This will help the gym centre to meet the revenue target with less spending on marketing.



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There are many ways to generate the revenue to a gym center.There is a provision for alternate revenue generation techniques available in gym management software.It is recommanded to eat something before you start a gym. hence as a gym owner you can open a refreshment centre and see if you can generate the revenue.You can sell
nutrition products over the counter and generate the revenue. Offer personal training, home gym training etc .like this there are many ways to generate revenue.




gym membership management software

Constant revenue generation is only possible when the members attend the gym sessions regularly. Owners can plan to utilize the gym to its optimum level and see required revenue is generated. There are various reports available in gym management software to show the attendance of members, with this information.




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