Unorganized fitness industry in india is growing at a rapid speed.Few years ago only handful of people used to run fitness industry.However situation is changing gradually with advancement in technology. Membercentrum gym membership management software will help fitness centers to run their gym facility with ease from anywhere.


WHY YOU NEED GYM MEMBERSHIP MANAGEMENT SOFTWAREWhen you plan to open a gym center, you need to invest lot of time and money. Therefore You need honest people to manage front office. Marketing the product, giving demo to the customers makes lot of work.Customers who walk into the center will have lot of expectations.In other words they wants to see how are you different from other gyms in the nearby area . Once they agree to take the membership, you need to maintain their details.It will be in the book or in the excel sheet .As the days pass it is difficult to keep track of their schedules, coach associated with them. All the above tasks can be made available in finger tips with the advancement in technology.This is made possible using gym membership management software and the associated app . This removes the dependency on any one person. Running the fitness center is very easy .All the data is made centrally available in cloud . Efficiently you can run the gym remotely with limited staff . By doing this you can go on increasing the profit and efficiently manage the center .



booking the slots Due to awareness of maintain good health, lot of individuals have started taking admission into fitness centers. It is turning into challenging to manage the members .Make sure that all the members get ample time in fitness center. It is becoming difficult to maintain the booking slots manually. With gym membership management software, booking the slots has become very easy. Members can down load the gym app and book the gym equipment watching their availability. This enables staff members to invest their saved time in expanding the business and making lot of admissions.




managing and guiding the members with notifications

By implementing gym membership management software automated notifications, it is simple to track the new enquiries. wish them on their birthdays, special occasions, giving tips on fitness and you can build the good will and increase the admissions. Similarly you can inform the members, if there are any emergencies in the area.You can also inform like traffic jams, heavy rains or any cancellation of classes if an instructor falls ill.





fitness membership renewals and discounts in gym membership management software

Earlier gym centers used to maintain the details of members using papers. when it comes to renewal and managing discounts, it will be very difficult. Therefore the probabilities of losing the information is very high. However with gym membership management software and automating the membership process, it has become easy to manage all. Discounts on case by case basis and many more customization is possible for each member.




managing attendance and check in gym membership management software

When you manage the fitness center manually It is very difficult to collect the monthly and quarterly fee. After that you need to keep reminding the members about the pending payment.The revenue cycle will be affected and this makes tough to run the business. what if the fee module in gym membership management software is integrated with access to fitness center, you are right. By integrating collection module with access control, if any member has not paid fee on time, his/her access will be removed. Since members have to continue in gym they have to make the payment to utilize the gym facilities. Once the payment is done access will be enabled automatically and they can check-in the fitness center when it is opened.



revenue forecasting and planning in gym membership management software

Reporting plays important role for any business to run in profit. Not only that reporting helps fitness center to forecast the admissions. In addition revenues will be regularly monitored through reporting module provided by gym membership management software. There are many reports like leads generated payment dues etc comes with gym membership management software. This helps fitness center to run expeditiously, increase the sales and make the profit.




billing and payment in gym membership management software

gym membership management software can be used to automate the Invoice . In addition it saves time and money. Discounts can be offered to members for early payments /bulk payments .This encourages pre-payment .Revenue targets are going to be achieved early. Most significantly quicker generation of invoices helps early payment. once revenue target is met, excess cash generated can be saved for later use. Above all this saved cash can be used to do promotional activities that helps to generate more revenue.




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